Benefits & Uses Of High Pressure Water Jetting Systems

High pressure water jetting is used for various types of applications in all types of industrial and public settings. It is also used in construction and maintenance projects, from small to large ones – by industrial organizations and government agencies. It helps in cleaning, cutting, demolishing, removing, digging and even vacuum systems while saving money and the environment. This guide will elaborate on the uses of high pressure water jetting techniques in various industries.
Aviation IndustryThese vacuum excavation systems are used in the aviation industry for paint stripping fuselage surfaces. This helps in achieving bright and clean metal surfaces without wasting time and manpower. The tech is also used for removing rubber, fluids, and grease from runways.
Construction IndustryBoth large scale and small scale construction sectors make use of high-pressure water for cleaning concrete before applying paint or other coatings. They are also used for removing paint and other layers from the interior of swimming pools. They also use vacuum excavation Perth for reducing waste. If sand blasting methods are to be used, it could add the additional task of removing sand waste. But with water jetting, you will save time, manpower and costs.
Cleaning Injection Molding PartsThe technology also makes it easy to clean injection molding parts. It helps ensure that the surfaces don’t get damaged. It makes use of water in applications where you cannot use heat because it can interfere with the parts.
Marine IndustryThis is another industry where high-pressure water is extensively used for various applications. Here, the technology is used for removing thick marine growth, paint, barnacles, and rust from different parts of ships and boats. They can also be used in dry dock environments as effective and cleaner alternative to sand blasting.
Offshore ApplicationsHigh pressure water is also used for a wide range of offshore sites such as oil rigs. It is extensively used for preparing surfaces before painting and in a wide range of maintenance tasks. It is also used for cold cutting, cleaning boilers and tanks, and for removing rust.
Paint ShopsThe system is also used for a wide range of applications in industrial paint shops. It involves removing paint more effectively without creating high amount of hazardous waste. It is a safer alternative to other paint stripping methods that involve the use of chemicals.
Uses in Steel IndustryHigh pressure water jetting is also used in the steel industry for a wide range of applications. The most notable ones include descaling using water, roll cleaning, and water hydraulic for extrusion and forging presses. It is also used for dust and shearer dust suppression and hydraulic drilling. The system is also used in the automotive industry and for various types of high pressure cleaning requirements after best geotechnical site investigation.

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