Customer Service In Hotels And Restaurants

Every day guests come in to hotels with the expectation of good food and better hospitality. They spend their hard earned money in the anticipation of being treated like royalty and enjoying good food. Sadly however, while the guests at these hotels do get the chance to experience great food they rarely have the opportunity to experience the amazing flawless customer service for and to buy workwear uniforms they hoped for because hotel workers rarely realize just how important their job is.

Preparation for a job in the hotel industry

If you are preparing for a job at a hotel, you need to know that no matter what your job is or at what  level you are working at, your job is very important. You may be the receptionist welcoming customers and answering the phone or you may be a waiter at the restaurant. No matter what your job is, it is important to remember that you are an important part of the hotels staff and you represent the hotel and therefore, it is your duty to wear your hospitality clothing to perfection and give your customer the best service you can give irrespective of the situation. You are likely to come across situations when your customers are rude, arrogant and do not treat you correctly. Although this may annoy you personally, you need to remember at all times that you are a professional and your job is to treat your customer correctly and to the best of your ability, irrespective of how he treats you.

Wearing your uniform with pride

When you get your job in the hospitality industry and you are given your fire retardant clothing, it is important for you to wear your uniform with pride. You need to always remember that you represent the organization that you work for and need to be on your best behavior at all times. If by some chance you are unhappy with the work you do, or you are unhappy with the organization you work for, it is better to leave your job and move on than to act up while still working at the job.

In the hospitality industry, your main goal should be customer service. Irrespective of whether you work in the kitchen, an access station or behind a desk in the hotels office, you will need to provide the best service possible. It is important to remember that a customer comes to your establishment and pays a big amount of money in order to take a break from his everyday life and simply enjoy the luxury of being served by you.

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