Do It Yourself Projects In A New Construction

The first thing you want to do is take the outlet apart in order to get into it. Any time you work with electricity make sure that the circuit breakers are off on the outlet that you are working with. Once the outlet is off you will see the existing wire that is connected to it. Your bare wire`s the ground, your white wire is your common and your black wire is your hot, that is different if you are used to working on cars.

In a DC world you`ll have your black wires as your ground and red wire as hot, so just be aware when working in a household. Next step is to look at the bottom of the box and brake out a little box on the top and remove it completely so you can slide the wire through there. After you`ve got the wire through you have to cut back some of the insulation so you can work with the wire, you can use a utility knife and slice down the center because the middle line is the copper line which is the ground line, so by slicing down the center of the wire you can make sure you don`t slice into either the insulation jackets  on your common or your hot.

If you haven`t worked with this stuff in the past and you are not comfortable working with it, you shouldn’t do any of this work without talking to a firm of electrical fault finding or an electrician first, and making sure that what you`re doing is up to code and done correctly. After you`ve removed the excess jacket and the paper that`s wrapped around the wires, rap a pair of wire cutters and strip off the insulation on your two wires, about a quarter-inch. As you wire in the outlet, same color goes to the same side.

You will notice on the other outlets in your house where you  have a light switch, control switch and the outlet is always hot, that`s done by clipping the line that is in-between your two contacts. After you have installed the new wires it`s just a matter of putting the outlet back into its place. Make sure to leave a little bit of the wire in there when you push it back into place so you have some flex if you want to pull it back out again. After that final stage just put the outlet back on and you are done with that outlet. This is a simple project you can do at home but be aware of electricity safety and always call for an electrician or electrical designer if you are not up for the challenge.

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