Easy Ways Of Cooking With Sugar Cane

Cooking is a cumbersome affair especially if you are trying to cook for a family. If you are trying to include better vegetables and nutritional foods, sugar cane is a good option. Sugar cane is better than regular white sugar and can be used in a variety of recipes.  It is also low in calories so can be snacked on, on its own if you are opting for healthy raw snacks. You can even pack a bag of freshly cleaned sugarcane to munch at work. Here are some easy ways of cooking with sugar cane:
Clean the sugar cane stalk well!
You can cook with sugar cane anyway you like but you must first master cutting and cleaning the plant. The outer bark must be cut out and only the inner whitish residue can be sucked on and eaten.
Use it to curb your sweet tooth
Incorporate sugar cane into your dessert recipes. Chop up some and grind them in the blender with water and add them instead of white refined sugar. You are saving up on calories and lowering your glycemic index. Sugar cane can curb your hunger and make you eat less of any dessert as the most pure forms of sugar cane uses sugarcane dry cleaning to make your dessert seem more delectable and mouthwatering.                                                          
Sugar cane goes well with prawns
 Use sugar cane syrup for salty sweet prawn recipes or as skewers for your barbecue grill. Cut them up lengthwise and use them to stick your prawn kebabs. Grill away and savor the delicious kebabs. Eating healthy is no longer an option, it’s a lifestyle so utilize different ways of incorporating healthy sugar into your diet as manufacturers incorporate various methods of harvesting sugar cane to your nearest grocer.
Make Caramel!
 Many people do not know this but sugar cane can be used to make caramel when you add molten sugar which is in its black form, to a standard recipe of caramel sauce which will make it more delicious and healthy. The sugar cane would taste pure and unprocessed too. The caramel sauce can letter be added to ice-cream making baked puddings of your choice.
Use it for Gluten Free Baking!
 Gluten free baking is for those who are not capable of digesting gluten which are two proteins found in cereal grains and wheat which provide dough in its elastic texture. There are many recipes for the gluten free foodie.  However the art of cane refining is important to be known as cane in its raw form is called molasses as it contains iron and minerals refined out of white sugar.  However, keep in mind that sugar cane is a grass and people who are prone to allergies of grass and cereals maybe prone to sensitivity to sugar cane so kindly check with the person before you prepare any food.

Utilize sugar cane into your food plan and monitor how much sugar you consume daily but remember like all sugars, less is more. Try visiting grocers and supermarkets that offer sugar cane types of foods. You will notice a difference in your waist line!  

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