Emergency Shower Sign- Knowing Its Importance For Your Business

By working in the hazardous environments or when you’re working in a place where there’s always a possibility to come into contact with any sort of harmful substances, both of the health as well as safety standards, including the installation of any effective drenching device, whether it is for the eye, whole body or face.

Well, when it comes to the personnel’s safety, installing a piece of emergency equipment isn’t really enough. Testing for the continual operation as well as the functionality of an emergency shower sign out in the field or on the site is essential. It takes about once for testing to be overlooked and workers’ lives could be put into a real danger. However, educating those who may have to use them is also essential.

Maintenance recommendations

• The first thing to do is to test the right operation of emergency eyewash as well as shower units on a weekly basis.

• One should conduct the annual cleaning, compliance assessment and inspection of each emergency unit.

• There must be tanks as well as mechanical parts that are cleaned and lubricated, which includes the internal inspections of items such as the immersion heater elements.

• There should be an assurance that every unit is tagged appropriately for the documentation of location and for the testing requirements.

With regards to the personnel, they need to know where these emergency facilities are situated. For instance, if they are working outside, it could be somewhat time critical that they are aware that a facility is available out on-site instead of thinking that they have to run to a main building. This will even reduce any spread of contamination. However, they must be also trained about on how to use the emergency facility.

Moreover, the personnel must be briefed fully about the potential danger of the hazards within which they are working for. One of those is the close contact with the biological hazards and chemicals that need to know and understand the exposure limits and what to do when it comes to decontaminating the body and the clothing.

In terms of placing the emergency eyewash as well as the shower units and facilities, they have to be installed in work areas where there’s a high potential for the accidents, involving irritant, corrosive, or even toxic substance absorbed through the eyes and skin. The area must also be well-lit with the clear signage. So, make sure that you have an emergency shower sign created well for your personnel and workers.

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