Pool Pump Classifications

Pool pumps and filters are some of the most essential equipment for a sustainable swimming pool. Pumps for instance are responsible for cycling the water through the filter for filtration of impurities and residues. Elements such as body oils are also removed. The pump circulates the water so that it does not become stagnant for long which might encourage buildup of foul odours. The technology has not changed much over a decade, however, the pool pumps have been created with a little diversity to meet the different needs of individuals. There are different types of pumps according to functionality and performance which can be used under different situations. There are those pool pumps that are made specifically for certain types of pools.
It is important that an individual have an understanding of which pool pump is most suitable for which pool so as to make sure that the pump, filters and the pool filter covers in Perth among other components are operating as required. As much as there are in-ground and the above ground pools, there are also types of pool pumps for each pool type. This therefore creates a demarcation against the use of one pump meant for another pool. It is not recommended as there will definitely be performance issues. The above ground pool is operated by the concept of gravity, in that water is it feed water to the intake of the pump by the means of gravity. Therefore, these pumps may face performance issues when water is not fed by the method of gravity hence not effective in an in-ground pool.
Pumps are also classified according to their speed. There are pumps that are variable speed pumps. Most of home owners are mostly familiar with the single speed pumps. The variable speed type has several advantages as compared to the single speed. The single speed type can only operate at a maximum horsepower as designed by the manufacturer, while the variable speed can be adjusted to operate at different custom demands. For instance, moving water through the filter and the pump requires a higher horsepower than just running water through the pool heater. The variable speed pump therefore caters for adjustments so that the pump runs at speeds that are needed. This is a better way of reducing expenses. Most of the onga pool pumps are made with these high end technologies to cater for the particular demands of home owners and hoteliers.
Pool types can also be classified according to where they are used. For this matter there are those used for domestic purposes and those used for commercial purpose. The size of the pool determines greatly the size of the pump that can be used to operation. The difference between the commercial and the domestic pump types are the size and the horsepower. Those used for commercial purpose are used on large pools hence are bigger in size and with higher horsepower than the domestic. Some domestic and commercial pools have added features such as water falls and hot tubs. These features may require separate pumps, which forms another classification of pool pumps. Onga pool filters are designed to fit the different settings in which pools are used. For instance a commercial pool require more effective filter since it has a higher capacity of impurities.

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